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Dear Parent/Guardian,
Welcome to our school's Admission Center. Please use this form to apply for your child's admission to our school. We need complete and accurate information about the student, so make sure you fill out all fields.

Thank you for your interest in Elite Academy School of Excellence! We are excited to receive your application. For students entering 9th grade, please follow the instructions below. Students who wish to transfer into 10th,11th, or 12th grade, please follow the detailed procedure.



Application Procedure for 9th Grade Applicants


1. Complete and submit the Admission Application, Release of Records Form, with the $100.00 application fee.

                                                                   Ask about our  Free Application wavier!
Attach release or records to the online application, or mail,  or email, the school after application has been submitted. 


2. Applicant must sit for the High School Placement Test for 9th grade applicants. 

The test will be held on December 3rd at 1:30 p.m. (Early enrollment)

After December, testing dates will be scheduled by the Admissions Office.

3.Completed application files will be reviewed in late January.  Decision packets will be mailed February.  Applications submitted after January will be reviewed for admission when the student’s file is complete.

Application Procedure for 10th - 12th Grade

1. Complete and submit the Admission Application with the $200.00 application fee. Free Application fee

It can be attached to the online application, or mail, email, or fax to the school after application has been submitted.


2. Submit complete high school transcript (must include all high school grades).


3. Ask the Principal, Director, or Assistant Principal at the present school to submit directly to the EAS Admissions Office a  letter of recommendation. The letter should discuss the applicant’s citizenship while at present high school.

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