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Kindergarten - 5th Grade 

ES Language Arts

Using an integrated cross curricular approach, students are exposed to a variety of genres and learn how to interact with text while strategically applying a variety of comprehension strategies to make sense of text on explicit and implicit levels.

ES Mathematics 

The Math Program approach allows students to learn math their way with one-on-one and small group support from the facilitator. Students explore various avenues of problem solving without always following a stringent algorithmic approach.

ES Science

Learning science is an action that goes beyond reading a textbook; therefore, students approach science in an interactive and hands-on laboratory setting which solidifies an understanding of concepts while developing a desire to discover more.

ES Social Studies

History comes to life as students delve into historical perspectives and interact with the concepts of the time period. Students use a thematic approach to fully develop a deeper understanding of history by viewing time periods through multiple perspectives while also tying history to present day.


Lower Elementary: Ages 6-9
Upper Elementary: Ages 9-12
Lower Secondary: Ages 12-18


​The Elite Academy School of Excellence lower and upper elementary curriculum (ages six to nine and nine to twelve) is based on building each child's strengths in each subject. We offer a spectacular education that will equip your child will all the tools necessary to excel to the next level. Elementary students strive for intellectual independence. They learn to face challenges with confidence and begin to find their own place in the world around them. Teaching life skills in a small conducive environment allows them to thrive as they achieve their goals  


The middle school curriculum (ages twelve to fifteen / grades six, seven and eight) builds upon elementary foundations while introducing students to time management and self -conscious academic achievement.


All three levels will harness curricula across: science, social studies, english, mathematics, foreign language, physical education, computer technology, art, literature, and community service activities.



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